Posted by: tranquilpc | August 29, 2007

WHS now to include WD (GreenPower) GP drives

Gpleaves Just a short note today – re HDDs

After meetings today with a great chap from Western Digital (WD), I can now confirm that the T7-HSA units (1TB) will all ship with the very new 1TB Green Power (GP) drives. 

The GP drives are really something else – lower power consumption 7W > 4W in idle, or 13.6W > 7.5W in Read/write mode when compared to regular desk top drives.  This means that they will not only be ‘cooler’ in operation, but will save approx £7.00 / drive / year (or 84Kgs of CO2).  Adding this to the already low power of the T7-HSA, we can all expect substantial power cost savings.

wdfCE_SATA_AVJSThe AV drive will be used in the 500GB T7-HSA models (*).

I’ve seen the AV drive in the labs, and it’s quite unusual – pick it up (spinning) and there seems to be much less vibration, and less ‘gyro’ effect.  It’s extremely quiet – now remember Tranquil only use very quiet drives, and this one beats them all – it’s acoustics are nearer to a 2.5″ notebook than a 3.5″ desktop.

These new drives use some clever technology – so we’re told, like ‘Intelliseek’, ‘Intellipower’ and ‘Intellipark’ – these all add up to a quieter, cooler, power saving HDD – brilliant ! 

Now with more efficient CPUs, PSUs and now HDDs – we can start to enjoy true ‘efficiency’ – for the 24/7 based home server appliance.

(*) : Delivery for the 1TB units will now be approx. 18th September. 
The WD 500GB GP drive is not expected until early / mid October – and so we will be fitting the WD 500GB AV drives in the 500GB models. 
The 500GB AV is an extremely quiet drive, and has a lower power demand than other desk top drives. 



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