Posted by: tranquilpc | August 25, 2007

What’s the picture ?

Many have asked about the picture on the top of the web page? I took it – and it’s in a un-spoilt area of North Wales.


Here’s a small breather in our hectic techno world, a look at the real world, and one of my favourite places – the beaches, bays, mountains, railways and villages of North Wales.

F12and jet ski 045The ‘picture’ – it is a view looking down to the Powder House on the edge of Black Rock Sands (nr Porthmadog – North Wales), from the cliff edge walk.  The estuary, and water path are constantly changing.  Over the last 5 years (that I’ve been visiting the area), the bay that is in the image (Samsons Bay) has changed as the strong currents cause sand erosion, and sand banks move around. 

When the tide is all the way out, on a spring tide, it is possible to walk what seems miles on the sand banks – but best to be careful, as the tide turns and covers the banks just as quickly as they were exposed.

F12and jet ski 056 The bay is now a very popular water sport area, with all manner of craft – here’s yours truely, with one of my daughters on a jet ski (not mine) in Samsons bay. 

These are real fun craft, a bit dangerous, a bit noisy, but fun for the young at heart ! 



porthmadog.jpgThe whole area is exceptionally beautiful,with the back drop of the Snowdonian mountains, the small towns and villages bustling with visitors and locals alike. The harbour in Porthmadog is a lovely place, and this weekend saw a regatta – a very busy time for the Yacht Club.



It’s almost the end of the ‘summer holiday 2007’ season now, and I expect this last weekend to have been one of the busiest of the year.  Certainly the traffic queue coming across the cob today into the town of Portmadog stretched many miles – beyond Portmerion – and into the village of Penrhyndeudraeth (1998, the first wirelessly networked village in UK).

F12and jet ski 022 Perhaps one of my own favourite places is Borth y Gest.  The small village, with it’s little cafe, and restaurant , is a quiet and restful place.  If you walk along the waters edge – past the car park, and up on the foot path, you will arrive at a spectacular viewing point – with views of the mountains to your left, Portmerion across the water in front of you, Harlech castle to your right, and finally the estuary heading out to the powder house – the picture to the right here, is the old church (which would be behind you at this viewing point.

The area is certainly expanding, as Tesco built a Extra store here just a few years ago, and now there is a new 30 bed hospital (£10M) being built just outside of Tremadog.  I certainly hope this economic growth and tourism does not spoil, what is for me and other visitors (not to mention the locals) is a very tranquil and wonderful place.

Here’s a few other images of the area – I’m no photographer really – I just enjoy learning, and capturing memories – which I’m now trying to be careful to look after.

Here’s just  few – The Ffestiniog Railway is the oldest independent railway company in the World – being founded by an Act of Parliament in 1832.

train.jpgTrain stop at Minffordd – felt like a trip back in time with the suited train driver.


 birthday and railway 057 


train journey.jpg (2)Take a few minutes off at Tan y Bwlch – and enjoy waterfalls and a decent to the lake (it will take some time to walk around the lake, so get the next train due.

birthday and railway 038

If anyone would like to hear more about North Wales, and Porthmadog area in  particular, then just make a little comment – and I’ll keep updating and expanding this short post.  



  1. Hihu,
    I have been in Wales some years ago and can tell you that it was a great trip. I loved it! 😉

  2. Fantastic place been visiting since 1998 back at Easter 08 and summer.

  3. Hi,
    I’m glad you like the Powder House. My parents bought it in 1957 and I tried my best to stop them selling it 21 years later. If you think it looks tranquil, you should try going to sleep and waking up with those tides and views – the best place in the world. I so regret the affectation that was evident in the years after it was sold, so much so I haven’t dared go back for 15 years! No electricity, no roads and pure fresh water from a spring that came from the foothills of Snowdon.
    Glad you and your family enjoy it. I dream of getting it back!!

    • If you get it back let us know !! We’d love to pop in to see you

  4. hi,
    miss not coming down wales had brill time and loved seeing the family shame now that the dont wanna no, ill be down shortley seeing the grave loved being from wales fab place xxx

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