Posted by: tranquilpc | August 23, 2007

T7-HSA now with Gigabit – we listened

Gigabit WILL be included !bigstockphoto_Home_Network_1167665

After overwhelming requests, and thanks to our R&D teams efforts, I’m really pleased to announce that the T7-HSA (Harmony Home Server) will now ship with Gigibit ethernet.

The number of emails, requests, demands and pleas were quite simply overwhelming. 

It’s also true that the units currently on order, and all new orders will not only get a x10 speed boost on the LAN (to Gigabit) but also they will also have a CPU boost from 1.3GHz to 1.5Ghz. The new revised main board – providing the Gigabit LAN is one of the boards that has been using for some time by the Tranquil factory in an industrial grade telecommunications device.  So it comes with some good history, I’ve been told.

x10aI have to applaud our R&D team for the dedication and effort invested in this last minute improvement – I had been told that fitting a 3.5″ HDD to the T7 was impossible – so to do it again, with a whole new main board must have been difficult – thanks guys !  The cost of the improvements, I’ve been told, will not be passed on – that has to be good news for the customers.

The factory is still waiting on the ‘real delivery date’ from Microsoft – but it’s almost upon us.  I’ve been told that the T7-HSA will still be shipping as planned before mid September 2007.



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  2. Great, and thanks for the improved version!

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