Posted by: tranquilpc | August 19, 2007

WHS life cycle

Well WHS is almost ready to roll out into the system builder market, and OEMs too.  Planned shipping date is 27th August 2007.

I would hope that the longevity of the software support would be quite substantial, bearing in mind that the data it is designed to protect could be personal data, images and files.  This data really should be considered as long term.  That’s assuming, of course, that WHS does not finds it’s way to be used by many small offices (it should be – it’s ideal for up to 10x users).

WHS_lifeWell, I’m a little surprised to see that the ‘Main Stream support’ is planned to be retired by October 2012.  I expect there will be ‘updates’ and new releases to WHS well before 2012 – and even if not the data will always ‘be there’. 
I’ll be keeping my eyes open in about 3 years time,
to see what’s on the horizon at that time.

This is not too worrying really – as Microsoft’s latest mainstream OS (Vista) is planned to have support retired in April 2012.  Of course there will either be extensions to this date, or updates to the OS (ie Windows 7).  Just for information today’s popular XP Home OS is due to be retired in April 2009

Anyway, again, well done to Microsoft, it’s partners, beta testers and distributors in getting this new OS to the market in such (an unusually) timely fashion.


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