Posted by: tranquilpc | August 18, 2007

WHS – and USB printers

Sometimes we worry about the simplest of issues ..

bigstockphoto_Making_Adjustments_to_the_Staf_815330_400What happens when we want to install and share a printer on a WHS unit – with no display (screen) ?

Well, I expected it to be ‘just’ a little complex – oh no – it’s just like my other experiences of WHS – it just works.

Here’s the story.  Installed WHS unit (in a small office, to give users new ‘space’ but more to ensure all PCs were being backed up) – then decided to see if it could ‘host’ a shared printer.

1.  Plugged in a USB printer (Samsung laser) to the WHS unit.
2.  Thought I would then have to open a remote desk top connection, to install / share it.  So on one of the office XP PC’s I logged onto WHS desktop – and there were no ‘warning messages (new printer found)’ etc.  Then I opened the printer folder – and there it was – the Samsung ‘installed and shared’ !! – excellent.   There was NO NEED to open that remote desktop 🙂
3.  So on the same networked XP PC, I went to add a new networked printer, went to ‘browse’ for a printer – and in the ‘Printer’ box started to type \\server\ (the name of the WHS server) – and it automatically discovered the ‘Samsung Laser’ – so I completed the connection.

For the first time in many years, I felt like that was ‘the way it should have been’….

Hats off to Microsoft – for making this popular operation just that little bit simpler.


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