Posted by: tranquilpc | August 16, 2007

Windows Home Server – what is that ?

Home Server, the next best thing ? 

hsaCertainly I love it !!  Securing my home data, not to mention work files, is now ‘just done’ !  I’ve spent years building, managing, re-building, worrying about and generally being fed up of looking after my families ‘data’ – and believe me, there’s loads of it – images, school work, music, saved games, videos, DVD files, 100GB’s of it – all at risk, of those spinning magnetically sensitive plates !

So when WHS (Windows Home Server) came along – well, it seemed to good to be true.  Simple – it is, almost worryingly so !  Designed for ‘Mom’ at home, not the techy geek (alone) – it’s possibly the best application I’ve seen in ages – it works for me.

As it’s a head less appliance (no special graphics needed), and it is designed for use in the home, where acoustics, size, style and power consumption are all considered in the buying decision process – it was a hand in glove ‘win/win’ package for the T7 appliance (PC). 



So after 5 months of design, review, testing, testing, and more testing we’re pleased to confirm that the T7-HSA (as it is known) is now released to our manufacturing dept.

Now PC Pro mag has a few things to say: (a review is better than advertising, as it’s true !!!)

Verdict: Great engineering, low power and a reasonable price bode well for Tranquil’s Home Server debut :
PC Pro Review



We’ve already had a tremendous response to the launch of the device – ‘quality and value’ being popular feedback – thank you all, for your comments.

If you want more information, or to order, please visit this page (and, just cos we’re nice, if you order – and under ‘special instructions’ you mention ‘green-pcs blog’ we’ll ship your unit (in UK) for free – that’s right no charge – but remember to fill in that box.  We’ll take off the carriage costs, before your card is charged 🙂



Update (17th August 2007) – This Blog Stuff is easy, I’m new to it – and it’s thanks in part to Matt of Microsoft, who gave me some hints and tips on how to do it, and what tools to use (especially this one).

Matt has taken some time to provide a 17 minute video (wow) on-line exploring how Windows Home Server works.  It’s real people in a real house.  Watch as Matt logs in, monitors, manages, and explores Home Server – if you have 17 minutes available, and enjoy seeing ‘real’ world demos – then this is certainly worth a look.

Again, thanks Matt for the pointers, and feedback.


Update (18th August 2007) – Microsoft plan to get the software to UK builders in the last few days of August – that means I’m pleased – as we promised to ship T7-HSA by mid September, and now we can ship about 1 week earlier than that. 

Learn more about Windows Home Server – at Terry’s web site – useful news, hints, tips and ‘real world’ information.

WINDOWS SERVER – yes, WHS is a server based product and in the IT world that normally means ‘clients’ have to have a licence too – or a CAL.  With WHS you can install the ‘client’ application on up to 10x PCs – that means up to 10x protected PC’s (backups etc) – 10x ‘User’ Folders.  In the commercial (IT) world – as Server with 10x CALs is not a low cost purchase.

bigstockphoto_Making_Adjustments_to_the_Staf_815330_400USEFUL Tip – Just a small thought. Wouldn’t WHS be a useful addition to ANY small office setup ?  For the cost of a couple of nice office chairs, you could provide office secure PC backups, extended storage capacity, remote access to files / folder, and even internet based remote desk top access – now there’s food for thought, if you operate a small business with up to 10x PCs.


WHS_Dummy A Book – WHS – it’s all fairly easy to understand really – but if you’re concerned, there’s a ‘Dummys’ book coming out later this year – AMAZON will be selling it.

Product details

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (31 Dec 2007)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0470185929
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470185926



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  1. […] If you want to know more, check out PC Pro’s review of the unit and Tranquil PC’s blog. […]

  2. very impressive – i want one

  3. Nice work David – blog is looking great, and you’re already getting a good level of traffic so far 🙂

    Maybe try opening discussions / commenting on the ‘We Got Served’ site too, that’s a popular one with WHS 🙂

    Take it easy mate,

  4. Well done, David – good to see you’ve joined the blogging world! I started back in February with We Got Served, and once you get the hang of it, it’s great fun.

    Matt’s right – the blog looks great – loving the photography at the top of the page… and Live Writer *rocks*.

    Always happy for comments and opinions over at WGS – see you there (and here!).


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