Posted by: tranquilpc | February 8, 2012

Which do you prefer?

The Tranquil MMC-12, compared to the Streacom FC5

The Tranquil PC MMC-12



Front view:

image image



image image


The MMC-12 consumes much less power, is slimmer, nicer, made in UK from a single piece of aluminium – and wait for it…… is lower in price?


Have your say – make your feelings known, leave a comment?

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  1. There is no competition, really is there? Who wants the ‘same old same old’ a chassis made up from bits of aluminium and steel, or a ‘Apple like’ unibody system, for me it’s not the power, or the even the cost (although I like Tranquils lower cost) – it’s the design – My vote goes to Tranquil MMC12

  2. I think we are comparing apples and pairs here …. Streacom make a chassis for end users and system builders to use, Quiet PC made a system using the Streacom chassis and Tranquil make a complete solution so I think should be Quiet PC vs Tranquil on price …. unless you guys are selling just the case. If so, how much?

    With looks, FC5 vs MMC-12 …..I do like the MMC-12, in terms of unibody design and height but the ODD slot should be centered and that power button is very dated. If we are talking best solution for end user to build a home made HTPC, I would have to go with Streacom, they have some nice solutions.

  3. MMC hands down, I couldn’t have the streacom in my lounge it’s old and ugly.
    I would spend twice as much on the streacom for what an internal tuner.

    I could get a very very similar spec to what streacom are offering for a massive saving, Tranquils IXLS.

    I bought the chassis with an internal PSU and the intel DH67, with all available equitment and support for £ 199 …..

    Quiet PC / Streacom have taken Tranquils designs and modified slightly to no use really, two heatsinks. One isn’t even being used. If it was the heat dissapation would be greater.

    Peter looking at the ODD’s which one is more centeral ……. MMC

  4. Yeh, i should have said ODD button because your right, the odd itself is not too far off. Since the Streacom case is taller, not having it it centered is not as critical because there is space around the slot … anyway my main point was that its difficult to compare a chassis that is designed for end users to build there own HTPC to a custom designed and dedicated chassis that end users cant buy and build their own system with.

    Which would I rather have? Depends …. do I want to build my own or do I want to buy pre-built system. If im buying, then yes, MMC wins hands down, especially considering the price point that Quiet PC have reached. If I’m building my own, well in that case, no choice … I buy a Streacom case.

    As for copied …. this design with side heatsinks and a minimal front is as old as it gets …. I’ve seen so many power amps with this design, and there is not much you can do to change it either … like a car is always going to have 4 wheels, unless its a Reliant Robin, and we all know how well that worked :p

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